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Human resources

Our team is trained to perform all their duties with professionalism, with vast experience in their respective specialties (professions). Likewise they are in synchrony with the rules and regulations that require our activities, with special emphasis on the protection of occupational risks.

Our human resources are one of our values. Our employees are the foundation of our success, without them we would not have the position we have in the market today.Our company has a good organization in the supervision of personnel, with the main objective of continuous improvement of service. This methodology leads to our employees to Implement and identify themselves with our policy of safety and quality.

In case our presentation be accepted by your Company as future suppliers, we are available for a personal meeting between the two companies to discuss and consult prices. We are available to accept, the challenge proposed by you for future consultation and work projects.

Diverdromo, is a sample of prestige and quality, and are in good hands because we are the answer to a great commercial and business relationship.